If you’re interested in taking another poetry-related course with me, here’s information about English 471, which is running next semester and still has spaces. Hope you can join us!

From “Old Tongue”, Jackie Kay
When I was eight,
I was forced south.
Not long after, when I opened
my mouth, a strange thing happened.
I lost my Scottish accent.
Words fell off my tongue:
eedyit, dreich, wabbit, crabbit
stummer, teuchter, heidbanger,
so you are, so am ur, see you, see ma ma,
shut yer geggie or Ill gie you the malkie!

English 471: Scottish Women Poets

Special focus: politics of gender and language; Scottish nationhood; sentiment and song; social class; the sense of place; and with an emphasis on student digital projects. No prior knowledge of Scots, and no Scottish passport, required. January-April 2013, Mon & Thur 11.30-12.50