English 386 S01: Victorian Poetry

Dr Alison Chapman



2 hours

Section 1: Close Reading (2 x 20 marks = 40 marks)

Identify and analyse TWO of the following FOUR extracts or whole poems from the literature we have read this semester. You should include the name of the author correctly spelled (1 mark), the title of the text (1 mark), the relation between the text and issues of Victorian poetics (5 marks), and should discuss the passage’s themes, style, rhetorical strategies, formal devices, and critical terms (13 marks). In your brief discussion, if this is an extract, you will want to consider the passage in relation to the longer text from which the excerpt is taken. You may also want to situate the passage in relation to other writers, texts, ideas, or events we have discussed in class.

Section 2: Definitions (20 marks)

Define in ONE sentence the following TEN terms from the course (1 mark each) and identify an author associated with the term, correctly spelled (1 mark)

Section 3: Essay (40 marks)

Respond to ONE of the following essay questions. Do not repeat material from your wiki and research essays or from Section 1 above, but you may draw on your close reading assignments. In your answer, you are expected to discuss a range of appropriate texts.