The deadline to submit your wiki entry to me is 24 October (when you must email me the wiki before the class).

Most of you have by now been in touch with me about your proposed wiki topics and have received feedback. If you have yet to narrow down the focus after my suggestions (I got many submissions on gender, the dramatic monologue, prostitution…) please get back in touch with me as soon as possible for guidance.

Here are some important reminders about the wiki entries:

  1. Remember the genre of the wiki: as we discussed in class, the wiki entries are a different genre of academic writing from your other term-time assignments for me (the close reading and the research essay). The wiki entry should be informative, reliable (more about this below), factual, descriptive, focussed. It should read like an encyclopedia entry NOT a mini research essay or close reading. In other words, the wiki entry is not an interpretation or a close reading (although it can cover the critical debates about a topic).
  2. Examples of types of wiki entries (not exhaustive): biographical (such as the life and literary career of a poet); focussing on a school or type of poetry (such as the Pre-Raphaelites, aestheticism, Chartist poets, working-class poets, the poetess); focussing on a genre (e.g. lyric, sonnet/sonnet sequence, elegy, homage poem, dramatic monologue); on a key term from Victorian poetics (e.g. poetry of sensation/reflection, subjective/objective poetry); on a critical approach to Victorian poetry (e.g. feminist, historicist, cultural neo-formalist, psychoanalytical); on the publication of volumes of poetry (e.g. the background to and reception of Goblin Market and Other Poems) or on poems in other print contexts (e.g. periodical poems, annual poems); on key Victorian cultural/social/political/economic contexts for poetry (e.g. the Reform Bills, the Contagious Diseases Acts, post-Romanticism); on illustrations of poetry and verbal-visual relations (e.g. D. G. Rossetti’s poems and pictures; illustrations to periodical poems).
  3. Remember to be specific: it is much easier (and more effective for the wiki overall) to write a wiki entry on, for example, the Contagious Diseases Acts that on Victorian gender
  4. Examples of good practice: see the wiki in its old incarnation at Victorian Poetry Network (remember we are moving to a new platform at wikispaces here)
  5. Good resources are crucial: please consult the homepage of the wiki for a list of key resources. The success of your wiki entry depends on using great, authoritative references. If you are unsure about any sources, please consult me!